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Week 7 Term 3

What a busy week we have had in Room 9.

We have been practicing and preparing ourselves for presenting our speeches.

I am so proud of the effort that all Room 9 has put in to create and present their speeches. Especially those who went the extra mile and wrote their speech all by themselves.

We enjoyed playing fun games to get ourselves prepared and gain confidence in speaking out loud. One of these games were impromptu speaking with topics like "If I were invisible what would I do" and the class favourite "If I were the principal of Stanley Avenue School, what would I change and why?". The things the children said were outstanding. Watch out Mr Byers, these kids have some extreme ideas.

Congratulations to all Room 9 students on their amazing speeches. You have put so much effort into preparing yourselves for our speeches. It has been very exciting to see the confidence that you have gained in speaking out loud in front of your peers.

Ka may te wehi Room 9. What e…