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Room 9 has turned into a Garden - a Little Garden.

What a sight!

Room 9 and Room 10 have been busy in the last week, planting and caring for our plants that we received from School Teacher Kit.

"We each got given a plant and had to unwrap it. Then we had to mix the soil with water that Miss T gave us. We then had to put half of our soil into the pot and put our seeds onto the soil. The rest of the soil had to be put on top of the seeds. we pressed down on the soil and put it in the hole with our name on it. Now we have to wait and see what happens.

By Noah Karika.

The children take turns watering the plants each day and measuring how tall their plant is growing.  its great to see the children show responsibility by taking care of their plants and making sure it has the necessities a plant needs to survive.

Check out the photos of us planting our plants.