Being a Team Player

We have done some different activities to practise and discuss what makes a good team player. On Tuesday we constructed some structures out of spaghetti and lollies. It was hard to make the structures high because it was wobbly. We had to work together to come up with a solution. This was one group working together to try and solve the problem. We learned that striving to succeed is an important part of being a team player because sometimes our first idea won't work, so we need to keep adjusting our plans.

We also played a game on Wednesday where we had to use the communication from team members to get us through the mine field. We had to walk backwards with our eyes closed while our team mates instructed us around the mines. We realised that communication is a big part of being a team player. Here are some photos of both days...


  1. Gosh room 9 you have been busy! What an awesome way to learn about being a Stanley Avenue Learner.


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