Wow what a fantastic term we are having!!

Here are a few highlights!

Rotary Club Dictionaries

We were very very fortunate to have the Rotary Club visit us. Not only did they visit, but they came bearing gifts! All Year Four students were given their very own Illustrated Dictionary to keep! Thank you so much, we love them and have been putting them to great use - especially during Vivid Vocabulary.

You're so special to me...

We have been practicing singing Six 60's 'Special'. We have loved singing this in class so much that preformed it in assembly. Here is a quick snapshot.


Yummy in our tummies!! Miss Meredith brought in her popcorn maker and together we made popcorn. It was delicious. While it was being made, we wrote down what we could see, hear and smell.Then the fun part, we got to EAT it!! There were some amazing stories and poems to come from this experience - POP into our class to check out our writing.


  1. Have I ever told you how much I love pop corn? Would love an invite next time!!

    1. We made SO much popcorn they we actually melted my popcorn maker!!! But when we get a new one, we will make sure to invite you!

  2. Awesome Learning Room 9... Ohh I Am In Room 9 LOL


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