Wacky Week Three!!

This week has been a very busy week!! We have been practicing for Cross Country, learning our Times Tables, keeping up to date with RIO2016, and we have had been lucky to have two very exciting and entertaining visitors.

First up, we had Mr Bruce Potter.
Mr Potter is an author and book illustrator. He has illustrated Kaha the Kea, Penny the Prolific Pooing Cow, There is a hole in my bucket and many more. 
He has his own doodle collection book, called Doodle bug. Doodle Bug is a product of Mr Potter's imagination.

We loved having Mr Potter in Room 9, showing us how talented he is by drawing an original based purely off our suggestions. 

On friday, we had a special NED assembly.
Ned travels the country teaching kids how to do super cool Yoyo tricks and how to be champions.
Ned  stands for
Never give up
Encourage others
Do your best.


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